Lean Manufacturing and Supply Chain Performance

Lean Supply Chain



  • Sarang Abdullah


Lean production, Technology, Integration, Modern technology, Organizational performance, Fertilizer industry


This researcher aimed to identify the relationship between lean production, modern technology, technology integration, and supply chain performance. A quantitative approach was adopted for this study with a multi-item measurement scale adapted from previous studies to collect primary data—a total of 100 responses were collected. Descriptive analysis, along with the correlation examination, was utilized to test the hypothesis. It was observed that hypotheses H1 and H2 were supported, whereas hypothesis H3 was rejected. The findings from the analysis identified that there is a significant relationship between lean manufacturing on the performance of the supply chain in the fertilizer industry. It is found that lean manufacturing can efficiently overcome supply chain challenges and improve efficiency, leading to improved overall performance. Further, the technology integration in SCM processes must be studied and analyzed. The businesses are recommended to develop further strategies to integrate technology into the SCM process and improve productivity and performance.


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